4 timing principles

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16 September

Timing in marketing means planning the advertising output. It is used in a wide variety of platforms from the Internet to the TV advertising. Let’s look closely at four basic timing principles.
1. Determine your target audience. If you know whom to advertise the goods, you can move forward to find the most fortunate time for advertising.
2. Identify the time when your audience is most active. Office workers are most active in social networks in the morning, and the younger generation – in the afternoon.
3. Set a goal and follow it. For instance, your audience on TV is most interested in news. But it is questionable, whether your advertising is effective before the news, if main attention of the audience is paid to the TV show, not for advertising.
4. Look for new solutions. The audience is active and is constantly changing habitat areas. If your advertising was most effective 10 years ago on TV, maybe it is time to thought about the social networking services?
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