Разница между трудным и невозможным в том, что невозможное требует чуть больше времени

Everyone knows the social networking service (SNS) Instagram and what does it look like, but there is no much information about the accounts promotion on this SNS. How to start working on Instagram? There is a small life hack by Social Media Laboratory.
1. Likes are the official currency of Instagram. If you want more likes, give more likes to people, too!
2. The other SNS’ content will not work here. So if you want to work in this SNS – you must create the unique content.
3. Instagram is the copywriter’s hell. Do not write long sentences. The shorter – the better. Specificity of this SNS is images and photos, so place the emphasis on them.
4. Do not overuse hash tags. It looks somewhere about like this: “We don’t care what we write or post, we just need customers.”
5. Filters are good, but there is enough where there is not too much. The company shouldn’t lose the style.

Good luck in the world of Instagram! Your Social Media Laboratory team.