What benefits to business bring chat-bots?

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15 June



Chat-bot is a program for automation tasks according to the certain scenarios by using text commands.
In recent years, many international companies such as Forbes, IKEA, eBay, Aviasales, Yandex, 
TechCrunch CNN, PrivatBank, began to establish communication with consumers via dialog bots.
What is the benefit to business of using chat-bots?
1.Reduction of cost and processing time of requests. This internal optimization of the communication
channels allows to reduce the cost of routine processes with large client bases and significantly accelerate
the procedure of consultation.
2. An automate communication with clients takes up 40% of contact centers workload. In addition, up to
half of the requests come in nonworking time and a boat, unlike a human, responds promptly to unlimited
requests 24/7, thereby preventing backlogs.
3. The bot responds instantly and and by means of a flexible series of constructive questions involves cold
potential customer in a dialogue, understands and solves client problems or redirects them to a human
operator, the seller. After contacting customers have an extremely pleasant experience.
4. According to EssentialCommerce studies, the conversion of the purchase after contacting with the bot
is 17%, which is a sign of good customer relations.
5. Multi-channel: the dialog box can be implemented on the company's website, in social networks
(VKontakte, Facebook and Twitter) and messengers (Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Telegram,
Line), which allows the potential customer to choose the most convenient channel for establishing the
6. The technical possibilities and the limitless potential of the virtual assistant allows him to learn
constantly, thus to go beyond the pre-programmed responses and to get closer to the subject and the
specifics of your company.
Invest in innovative technologies for your business today and you will get the result tomorrow.
Order the elaboration of individual chat-bot to the end of the month and get a 15% discount.
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